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Ruby Spider Daylily

Ruby Spider Daylily

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Huge 9- Deep Red FlowersHemerocallis Ruby Spider - Hemerocallis Ruby Spider - is one daylily you just have to have in your garden.- - It will be a show stopper with immense - 9- flowers that are pure - saturated deep red with a golden yellow throat and mid ribs.Being a truly extraordinary form of daylily - its large petals are long and spoon-shaped.- - Use Ruby Spider as a marvelous specimen plant - or it can make a grand statement when planted in masses.Ruby Spider is a dormant tetraploid which means its foliage dies back in winter.This is an important consideration for northern gardeners since Ruby Spider is a great choice for the far north.Individual flowers last only one day - but since each plant produces many buds - the total blooming time of a well-established clump may last more than a month.- - Use this daylily for color in shrub borders and in perennial beds.Once established - the daylily can be an excellent groundcover on slopes because it has roots that hold soil against erosion.- Divide every 3-5 years - or when the number of flower buds and the size of bloom begin to decline.- It also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.Ruby Spider makes a beautiful floral arrangement - - and is a terrific plant that any gardener can claim as - marvelous- .* Huge 9- Deep Red Spider Type Blooms* Cold Hardy* Attracts Butterflies-

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