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Sagae Hosta

Sagae Hosta

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5 Clumps of Frost on CreamHosta Sagae - Hosta Sagae - displays frosty green leaves with creamy yellow margins that form very large impressive clumps. - Hosta Sagae is one of our favorites.With very heavy substance and good slug resistance - Sagae provides pale lavender flowers on 34- scapes in mid-summer.Previous winner of numerous awards including. Trophy Award - Benedict Award - and American Hosta Growers Society Hosta of the Year.Sagae is considered to be the most dramatic variegated hosta ever introduced. - Plants mature into breath-taking specimens reaching 6 in width.Hostas grow best in moist - well-drained - highly organic soils with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5. - Sandy loam is better than clay because it provides more aeration for the roots.- - It is best to keep areas around hostas clear of excess leaf debris to reduce the presence of slugs and snails.- Plant- this low care plant in an area that receives the right amount of light.- The leaves need some morning sun to bring out the best coloration. Too much sun will burn the leaves. - Sagae is most at home in shady - woodland settings and often works well as specimen or edging plant.Because it makes such a bold statement - Sagae sells out quickly - so if you want this plant - order it now.*Frosty Green Leaves with Yellow Margins*Lavender Flowers*Clumps Grow to 5

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