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Sargent Cherry Tree

Sargent Cherry Tree

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The Cherry - Sargent - Prunus sargentii - is not only the hardiest of the ornamental cherry trees - but also one of the largest and most beautiful.The trees abundant spring flowers are deep pink and appear a week or so before most double-flowering cherries. - Black fruits - beloved by birds - appear in summer.The Sargent Flowering Cherry tree has polished - rich - chestnut-brown bark and dark green deciduous leaves that turn red in fall.Plant Sargent Flowering in full sun and it does best in well-drained - acidic - moist soil.It is not difficult to transplant - and lives longer than other cherry trees - sometimes more than 50 years.Cherry trees can be used as specimens - street trees and shade trees on larger properties.- You can t beat this ornamental landscaping tree that has a vase shape - shiny - dark green foliage - food for birds - and takes on orange - red and yellow hues during the fall.* Hardy* Food for wildlife* Dense shade tree

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