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Sawtooth Oak Tree

Sawtooth Oak Tree

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Fast Growing Shade Tree with Incredible Wildlife Appeal The Sawtooth Oak - Quercus acutissima - is a deciduous shade tree with outstanding wildlife interest. Plant one where you d like to enjoy some sumptuous shade - or where your yard s critters are likely to benefit from both food and shelter. Your Sawtooth Oak Tree is a fast growing - spreading shade tree that s sure to impress you with its stately appearance - colorful fall display and generous acorn production. Sawtooth Oak Trees are renowned for their 6-inch - glossy leaves. The foliage has highly-serrated edges that emerge a delightful shade of yellow in the spring and provide excellent shade in summer. The lovely vibrant green of summer transitions to hues of yellow-orange for autumn - providing a beautiful late season display for your yard. The leaves tend to brown and persist in winter - an added treat amid your other bare-branched - landscape trees. Perhaps the best aspect of your Sawtooth Oak Tree is its benefit for your wildlife. It is a highly prized oak for wildlife enthusiasts because of the short time it takes for the tree to produce its adorable acornsandhellip. and it produces a more prolific harvest than most other Oak trees. Sawtooth Oak is also a valuable source of shelter for wildlife - so it s a great way to bring your home closer in concert with nature. Sawtooth Oak Trees will grow up to 60 feet tall with a 60 foot spread. It has a somewhat pyramidal form and spreading nature. It s very fast growing - especially in its early years and highly productive of acorns. Sawtooth Oak Trees are a widely adaptive tree - able to thrive in a variety of conditions and is even cold hardy. You re sure to love your Sawtooth Oak Tree. It s a tree you can plant and already enjoy in its first year. In fact - the Sawtooth Oak Tree is known to grow as much as six feet in one year. With its dense foliage - wildlife appeal and hardy nature - this is a tree you don t want to miss out on. * Shade tree * Fast growing * Spring and fall color * Wildlife interest * Prolific harvest * Cold hardy * Moderate salt tolerance * Adaptive to a variety of conditions

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