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Saybrook Gold Juniper

Saybrook Gold Juniper

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Bright Gold All YearThe Juniper Saybrook Gold - Juniperus chinensis Saybrook Gold - is without a doubt the brightest gold juniper. This juniper is superior to all gold-tip types on the market - and Saybrook Gold maintains its bright color through all seasons.Its low compact profile is ideal for foundation or mass plantings. makes a wonderfully striking and colorful addition to most any landscape.This juniper responds very well to trimming - but matures to 4-6 high with a spread of 6-8. It can be maintained at a variety of heights and widths. It must be planted in the sun for best color display but it will grow in partial shade at a somewhat slower rate.The new growth on this plant is soft to the touch. As it gets older the growth will become quite prickly.This hardy Saybrook Gold will add color as an accent plant - in rock gardens - for a border - or near a pond.* Bright Gold Foliage* Responds Well To Pruning* Full to Part Shade

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