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Sea Green Juniper

Sea Green Juniper

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Arching Casual Evergreen Hedge Evergreen hedges are often very formal. You see clipped boxwoods or stout hollies everywhere. The Sea Green Juniper - Juniperus x pfitzeriana Sea Green - bucks that trend. Sea Green Juniper is a compact shrub with a beautiful fountain-like - arching habit and soft foliage. It is a true evergreen - actually getting darker green in the deepest part of winter when it really stands out in your landscape. This isn t a super-fast grower - but it will eventually reach to 4-6 with a spread of 6-8 - so plant accordingly. Sea Green Juniper is tolerant of many soils and weather conditions - though - so it makes a great shrub wherever you put it. It does best in well-drained soil and full sun. Sea Green Juniper looks great in a group - but consider using it as a specimen plant in your perennial border or rock garden. It looks great against the foundation of the house - too - softening hard edges like stairs and decks. If you are looking for something for a commercial spot like a parking lot - this juniper weathers urban pollution like a champ. Try it by a driveway or fence line for a clean but natural look. Combine the Sea Green Juniper with more upright evergreens like pines and hollies to make a picture perfect year-round low-maintenance garden. Order yours now and enjoy them all year. * Dark green foliage all year - even in winter * Soft - arching stems * Low maintenance shrub

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