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Serbian Spruce Tree

Serbian Spruce Tree

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The Serbian Spruce tree - Picea omorika - forms a narrow - pyramidal silhouette with graceful arching branches and a slender straight trunk.The upper surface of the needles is glossy and dark green in contrast to the whitish lower surface.- Because of its narrow pyramidal habit - the Serbian Spruce tree can be used in smaller scale landscape situations than most other conifer trees. produces purple to cinnamon colored cones.It prefers rich - moist well drained soils - and will tolerate alkaline sites.- This tree is fast growing and does well in full sun. Serbian Spruce trees should not be planted out in the open where winter wind can dry them out.This evergreen makes a great street tree and does very well in the northeastern region of the U.S.- The Serbian Spruce tree is considered to be one of the most beautiful and ornamental spruces. - It looks best when planted as a specimen. also is fantastic in groupings of three or five.- * Slender - pyramidal shape* Great specimen* Arching branches-

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