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Siloam Peony Display Daylily

Siloam Peony Display Daylily

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Astounding ruffled peach daylily.Peonies are queens in the flower world - commanding hefty price tags at the florist. If you re lucky enough to grow them - you know that you only get a few weeks of blooms every year. What if you could have the look of those beauties throughout the summer and into the fall without the price tag - upkeep or fuss?Let us introduce you to Siloam Peony Display Daylily. What? A daylily that looks like a peony? You bet. This beautiful daylily cultivar from Proven Winners has elegant blooms up to 6 in. across that are so deeply ruffled they look more like peonies than daylilies. The blossoms are fully double and in a - you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it- shade of blushing rose-peach with a sparkling dust of diamonds. With several flowers blooming at once - it looks like a florist s bouquet growing in your garden.Siloam Peony Display has the same bullet-proof toughness of other daylilies it can grow in harsh conditions that would make other flowers this pretty whither from fear. polluted city environments - near salted pavements - under Black Walnut Trees - on slopes and in poor and dry soils.These guys are so tough - they even bloom longer than usual. These flowers will stay open for 16 hours or more way longer than many daylilies. They will give you a heavy flush of blooms in midsummer and then again toward the fall - with a light show all season long.Siloam Peony Display is a designer s joy in color and form and a gardener s joy in ease and reliability. You will love having this plant in your garden.* Designer favorite * Fully double * SCENTED* Blooms hold for 16 hours or more

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