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Spellbinder Daylily

Spellbinder Daylily

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Huge Brilliant Orange BloomsDaylily Spellbinder - Hemerocallis Spellbinder is certainly one of the most striking daylilies we have seen.- As the name implies - these immense 6.5- flowers will cast a spell on you as you stare at the radiant golden-orange flowers. - The color is very intense and will surely get the attention of anyone passing by this daylily.What makes Spellbinder even better is the very long bloom season. - In Michigan - it is one of the first to bloom in early June and it continues to rebloom throughout the summer.Spellbinder also has dark green - pest resistant foliage. - Daylilies will grow in almost any soil and prefer full sun.- Use for mass plantings - edging - in borders or in mixed containers and tubs. - - Planted together in large numbers - they quickly crowd out weeds and make a carefree and colorful ground cover.Daylilies can survive many harsh conditions that other plants cannot. This includes polluted city environments - slopes - poor and dry soils - near pavement that is salted in winter - and under Black Walnut trees - not affected by juglone -.It is heavily budded - shows off its warm peach color - and will rebloom later in the season to give you a repeat performance.- Spellbinder is a daylily every garden should have.* Large 6.5- Intensely- Orange Blooms* Blooms Early and All Summer* Dark Green Pest Resistant Foliage

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