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Sum and Substance Hosta

Sum and Substance Hosta

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Huge Hosta That Likes Partial SunIf you have a shady spot in your garden you are probably already acquainted with the beautiful Hosta. Known for their leaves in striking textures and patterns - Hostas are one of the best plants for shade for both the beginning and experienced gardener.Some Hostas stand out for things other than their striking leaves - though. Sum and Substance Hosta - - Hosta Sum and Substance - is one of those plants. Not only does it have huge - rounded leaves with an amazing texture and heavy puckering - but it sports lavender flowers on 50- tall spikes. That s over 4 feet tall. Talk about lighting up the shade garden.The plant itself reaches a height of 36- and a spread of 60- . That s a big deal. This is a giant plant with colorful foliage that will need space to grow - so don t be stingy with the room.Sum and Substance does great in deep shade - but a little morning sun will help its striking gold-chartreuse color reach its full depth. - Not too much sun or it will burn. - Besides that - all this easy care plant needs is some water and well-drained soil - then stand back and watch it do its thing. Sum and Substance was named Hosta of the Year in 2004. Buy a few from us today and see why for yourself.* Large Golden Puckered and Cupped Leaves* Lavender Flowers on 50- Scapes* Large Plant has 5 Spread

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