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Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Tree

Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Tree

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Online Exclusive. Get Loads of Sweet Cherries From This Compact TreeWho wouldn t want to be able to make a sweet cherry pie from fruit they pick from their own tree in their own yard? Sweet Cherry Pie makes that possible in even the smallest yard as far north as zone 3. Only growing 15 tall - this sweet little tree will fit in any yard or in a pot on any balcony.Your Sweet Cherry Pie cherry tree will have branches bending from the weight of all of the fruit they bear for you in the summer. Though the fruit isn t as sweet for fresh eating as a Bing cherry - they are stellar for jams - jellies and pies. These are easy to grow fruit trees and you will be thrilled with the crop you get each year and it only gets better year after year. These are new trees - only recently introduced out of Wisconsin. Nature Hills is proud to be a supplier of these great trees.Even if you weren t in love with the fruit - you would still love this tree in your landscape. It is beautifully shaped and lush and bears those amazing cherry blossoms every spring. All this little tree really needs is good soil and full sun. It will even bear fruit for you in your favorite large pot on a sunny balcony - so enjoy this beauty in the city - too. Who needs an orchard?- Order yours today and enjoy your own little slice of heaven with that first home-made cherry pie.*- First Editions Plants* Compact for small gardens* Sweet fruit* Beautiful spring flowers

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