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Sweet Summer Love Clematis

Sweet Summer Love Clematis

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Flowers and Fragrance You ll Love this Summer.Sweet Summer Love Clematis is a plant you re sure to love this summer for its sweet scent and gorgeous flowers.- While other clematis varieties have fragile stems - Sweet Summer Love is strong.- Where some clematis flowers are fleeting - Sweet Summer Love s fabulous blossoms are long-blooming.- Many clematis have beautiful blooms with no scent - but Sweet Summer Love - Clematis provides both.- It even blooms earlier than many clematis varieties.- Quite simply - Sweet Summer Love is a hardy and prolific clematis that you can count on for a tremendous show every year. The flowers of Sweet Summer Love emerge in July in shades of deep red - maturing to red-tinted purple.- The thousands of starry blooms - together on the same vine - create a multi-toned effect of reds and purples highlighted by the frilly white stamen centers.- The blooms last into mid-September for a long-lasting display that is a spectacular show to be sure.Your Sweet Summer Love Clematis is a deciduous - ornamental vine that will climb up to 12 feet tall with a spread of up to 6 feet. It s adaptive to a variety of soils - cold and heat tolerant and disease resistant.- Plant one by your front door - along a fence or against a trellis where it can realize its full height and beautyandhellip. and where you can enjoy its sweet scent and brilliant color.For a fast growing vine that blooms sooner and longer than most - and features both exceptional flowers and fragrance - look no further than Sweet Summer Love Clematis. *- Fragrant - purple flowers*- Long blooming*- Fast growing*- Cold hardy

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