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Tinkerbelle Lilac Tree

Tinkerbelle Lilac Tree

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Gorgeous Lilac in Tree FormTinkerbelle Lilac is the tree form of the popular Lilac shrubs - best known for its compact habit and gorgeous pink blooms.- Plant one as a focal point by your front door or next to a patio for a dramatic effect - especially in spring when it s in bloom.If you ve ever admired a friend s giant Lilac bush - but were concerned about the space required to have one of your own - or its less-refined nature - then Tinkerbelle Lilac is for you.- Your Tinkerbelle Lilac is one of the Fairytale Series - and lives up to its name with its adorable dwarf size. - It will fit well in a small space while still producing abundant blooms - and does so in a manner that will have neighbors asking. - what is that remarkable tree?- - Your Tinkerbelle Lilac begins its spring show with incredible - wine-red flower buds.- The buds quickly open to single - bright-pink blooms - with a spicy fragrance that will draw your notice from across your yard.- Unlike the more common Lilac - Tinkerbelle has been formed into an elegant - diminutive tree for a more sophisticated statement in your landscape.Tinkerbelle Lilac has a rounded - upright shape and although tolerate of shade - will bloom best in full sun. - Tinkerbelle is disease hardy - and particularly resistant to Powdery Mildew.- It s tolerant of pruning and has a non-suckering habit.If you love Lilacs - but want something a bit more refined for your landscape - then try Tinkerbelle Lilac.- It will bring you all the supreme beauty and fragrance of a traditional Lilac but in a tree form that s sure to become a focal point in your yard.* Outstanding floral-fragrant display * Unique dwarf tree form * Great for containers * Powdery Mildew resistant * Hardy

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