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Tricolor European Beech Tree

Tricolor European Beech Tree

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Rediscover this striking beauty.It goes without saying that we love plants here at Nature Hills - and we always appreciate it when an old friend is rediscovered by gardening tastemakers even if it took them 200 years. Tricolor European Beech - Fagus sylvatica Tricolor - has started heating up in the landscape scene in the last few years. We are seeing them used more and more as front yard statement trees and in forest and grove plantings. Almost exactly like we imagine them being hot on the scene when they were first introduced in Europe in 1888.The Tricolor European Beech stands out in the garden because the famous three-colored leaves make a big impact up close and at a distance. Up close the leaves are purple with an irregular border of blushing white and rich rose. A few braches in a big vase make a statement indoors. From a distance the overall purple effect stands out more prominently than other purple-leaved trees. This is a deciduous tree without a big leaf change in autumn - but who needs fall color when you have great color already?Try this tree on a smaller city lot as a shade tree - along an entry drive or street or planted as an exclamation point among evergreens.Tricolor European Beech is very cold hardy - it doesn t do well in extreme heat and humidity - and likes some afternoon shade and regular watering. A little care will reward you with one of the latest 200 year old garden fads. Don t wait and get on the bandwagon today.* Striking 3-colored leaves* Cold hardy* Slow grower to 35 tall

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