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Twist Of Pink Oleander Tree Form

Twist Of Pink Oleander Tree Form

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Pink Blooms and Variegated Foliage- on a Tree.Your Twist of Pink Oleander is a remarkably colorful and versatile tree.- With its dynamic foliage and dazzling floral display - it s a real head-turner. Twist of Pink s new spring foliage begins light green but soon assumes a darker tone for the rest of the year.- The long - oval leaves feature a variegated appearance - with a creamy white contrast - and hints of yellow - - against the vibrant - green background.- The relatively fine texture of Twist of Pink s foliage would provide the perfect contrast to less-refined plants in your yard.- The - twist of pink- - as the name implies - - begins in early summer when clusters of gorgeous pink blooms appear - each blossom sporting hot pink tips to its stemsandhellip. a display of pink - floral perfection if ever you saw one.- Twist of Pink Oleander is the tree form of the popular ornamental shrub.- It will grow 6 to 8 feet tall with an equal spread - and has a moderate-to-fast growth rate - so you won t have to wait long to see it in its prime -.- It s tolerant of a variety of soil conditions and will even do well in poor soils - but you will want to give it protection from the cold.Twist of Pink will enjoy a simple pruning in spring - but can be pruned at any time that it s convenient to you.- It is salt - heat and even drought tolerant.- Even your resident deer are likely to simply pass it by. - - There are lots of Oleander shrub varieties to choose from - but Twist of Pink Oleander is certainly one of the most beautiful.- With its unique tree form - and abundance of decorative charms - it is sure to give you years and years of enjoyment.- *- Brilliant- pink- flowers*- Tree form of popular shrub*- Fast growing*- Heat and drought tolerant

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