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Water Oak Tree

Water Oak Tree

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Fast Growing Shade Tree- It s not often that you find a shade tree that is fast growing - has a beautiful shape and a rich history to boot. The Water Oak tree - Quercus nigra - also known as Spotted oak or Possum oak - is that tree. Used for generations as street and shade trees in the South - Water Oaks are easy care and long lasting if they are planted in a place they like.This deciduous tree is fast growing and it starts producing acorns before its 10th year. This means that it will attract wildlife to your garden by giving strong branches to nest in and food to forage. Found in the wild along streams and low ground - hence the name Water Oak - - this tree is ok with moist soil. It is a tall tree with a slender trunk that looks great in the landscape. Quercus nigra is hardy to zone 6 but is frost tender - so choose the planting spot wisely. Once established - this oak will last for years.Even though it can grow in semi-shade - like in light woodland in the wild - it prefers full sun. It can handle strong winds without a problem - but doesn t like coastal conditions with too much salt air and steady seabreeze.If you have the right place - this tree will be a jewel in your garden or landscape.* Great street tree or shade tree * Attracts wildlife * Likes moist soil

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