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White Spruce Tree

White Spruce Tree

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The White Spruce tree - Picea glauca - has many common names including the Western White Spruce - Canadian Spruce - Alberta Spruce - Alberta White Spruce - Black Hills Spruce - Skunk Spruce - Cat Spruce - and Porsild Spruce.The White Spruce conifer is a very hardy evergreen tree - and can grow rapidly if placed in a well drained location. It is adaptable to many soil types- and makes a beautiful Christmas tree - ornamental specimen - - when planted as a single - - or it can be a steady windbreak when planted in rows.White Spruce trees has a cone-shaped crown - and when grown in an open space - it develops a conical crown which extends nearly to the ground. The conical crown and spreading branches give it a nice appearance for use as an ornamental.When the needle-shaped leaves are crushed - the needles have a disagreeable odor - thus - the common name of Skunk Spruce or Cat Spruce.The wood is often used for pulpwood - lumber - furniture - and boxes and crates. White Spruce tree is an important source of food for wildlife - such as grouse and seed eating birds.* Ornamental tree* Hardy* Windbreak tree

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