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Willow Oak Tree

Willow Oak Tree

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A Fast Growing Unique OakThe Willow Oak tree is one of the most popular trees for streets - parks - estates - and residential properties. It is a strong beautiful tree that is unique to the Oak tree family.The most noticable difference between the Willow Oak and a traditional Oak is the leaves. The Willow Oak has glossy - slender leaves similar to a Willow making it a very graceful Oak tree.The Willow Oak is a hardy tree that is well known for its ability to tolerate harsh urban conditions. It is a very popular street tree in many cities - including Washington DC.The fall color is yet another plus for this Oak. It displays beautiful yellow to golden-russet colors in the fall to brighten up streets and yards.The Willow Oak is a beautiful and elegant tree - known for its strength and its air cleaning abilities. Order today and plant this stunning Oak to enjoy for generations to come.- *Fast Growing*Hardy and Adaptable*Yellow Fall Color-

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