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Windmill Palm Tree

Windmill Palm Tree

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Cold Hardy Tropical PalmHave you ever admired a palm tree and wished you could have one of your own? Well Windmill Palm is your chance. This extremely cold hardy palm is an excellent option for those who live in areas where most palms would struggle.Plant one near an entrance - along a driveway or even in containers on your porch. Unlike other palms that commonly drop debris - Windmill tends to remain as neat as a pin.Your Windmill Palm is a treasure among palm trees. Huge - fan-like fronds appear as if gathered together to form a rounded head atop a tall - straight trunk. The foliage has a green to yellow-green coloration with a somewhat silver underside.The trunk itself is easily recognizable as the classic - tropical palm trunk we all know and love. Rough - hairy-like fibers present a shredded-like appearance for that one-of-a-kind look that only improves with age.As if an easy-to-grow tropical palm tree wasn t enough - your Windmill Palm features bonus - decorative features. Clusters of petite - yellow flowers form long panicles to adorn your Windmill Palm in the spring.By fall - small yellow-black drupes appear to close out the season. If you re inclined toward crafts - you may wish to make use of some of your palms for projects. Native to China - this palm tree has been used for thousands of years in the making of rope - cloth and other items.Windmill Palm will grow from 20-40 feet with a 10-foot crown - depending upon the conditions. It prefers full to partial sun and is adaptable to a variety of soil types - as long as well-drained. Windmill Palm is pest resistant - pollution tolerant and even deer tend to leave it alone.For a tropical feel in an easy-to-grow tree - you can t go wrong with this cold-hardy Windmill Palm.* Tropical look * Cold-hardy * Spring flowers * No mess palm tree

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