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Wisconsin Juniper

Wisconsin Juniper

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Low Grower with Plum Color in WinterThe Wisconsin Juniper - Juniperus horizontalis Wisconsin - is an outstanding low-growing juniper introduced by the University of Wisconsin. It has dark blue-green summer foliage that has a feathery appearance. It will mature to 4-6- high and spread to 6.- - It is nicely uniform and full with a plum winter color.There is usually a light-colored stripe along the length of the top surface of each leaf.- Wisconsin Junipers have two opposite - mostly small - scale-like and tightly appressed leaves at each node of the twig.- Prune Junipers in June after the new growth has time to establish. With most evergreens it is easy to remember -Prune in June-.* Blue Green Summer Foliage* Plum Winter Color* Low Growing and Spreading

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