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3x3 Raised Garden Bed

3x3 Raised Garden Bed

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These High Quality Cedar Raised Beds Are So Easy to AssembleThese raised beds are among the most reputable in the industry. The woodshop that makes them have built their brand around their line of quality cedar raised beds that achieve a high level of customization. Gardeners can choose the right size from among several dimensions - and can also specify planting depth - whether to apply a coating of food-safe cedar stain - and optional trellising. Perhaps best of all - their beds are NO TOOL assembly but still hold together with a reliable firmness. We offer them at the manufacturers minimum allowed price.34-x34- Features Exclusive 5-Year Warranty Tool-free assembly - dovetail design slides together in minutes 100 percent Western Red Cedar Handcrafted in the USA Choose the bed height. 13- or 19- - 10- planting depth - 6.2-9.5cu. ft. soil capacity - Optional application of food-safe cedar protective stain - or DIY with the stain - Optional integrated trellis kit not available with this sizeThese raised beds are quick and easy to assemble plant and maintain. Easily adapt square foot gardening techniques to these beds. Add an optional trellis this will save space and maximize your growing area and production. The Trellis is great for growing peas - pole beans - cucumbers - morning glory - or any variety of vegetables and flowers that will climb. Beautify your garden today with a raised garden bed.

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