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3x6 Raised Cedar Garden Bed

3x6 Raised Cedar Garden Bed

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Our 6 x 3 Raised Garden Bed is a wonderful way to grow just the right amount of veggies and flowers in a small area. Western Red Cedar Panels standing 20 inches tall with an additional 13 inches of framed wire mesh screen - gardening becomes a breeze. Weeding is no longer a chore when the 2 hinged wire mesh panels are lowered for easy access. Now dogs and pesky critters will not have a chance to make your garden their own. Plant - water - love and grow - how did you ever do without? The 6 x 3 Raised Bed Kit Includes. ? Western Red Cedar Construction ? Pre-assembled Raised Garden Bed Panels ? Creates 20- High Growing Beds ? With a total of 33- High Fencing - Backed with Wire Mesh ? Front Fence Panels are Hinged and May be Folded Down for Easy Access to Plants and Soil ? Keeps out Dogs and Pesky Critters ? Sturdy and Easy to Assemble ? Hardware Included - screws and hinges - ? Floor Not Necessary With This Kit.Click Here For Assembly Instructions - PDF -

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