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4x8 Composite Raised Bed  Frame It All

4x8 Composite Raised Bed Frame It All

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Long Lasting Raised Beds Are So Easy to InstallIf you took a straw poll of raised bed gardeners favorite dimension - 4x8 would likely get the most votes. The vote for the preferred bed height and planting depth would be more hotly contested both low beds and tall beds have their benefits. This 4x8 bed lets you pick your perfect bed height. Choose up to 24- or order additional 6- beds to go even higher.Like many of our composite raised beds - the stacking 4x8 uses timbers made from 40 percent wood fiber and 60 percent recycled polypropylene - and rotating joints made using 100 percent recycled marine grade ABS resin. The timbers are rot-proof and wont warp or bend from cold winters - plus theyll keep their rich dark color without fading. The patented brackets enable you to create a frame of any angle and as many height levels as you wish. They are perfect solutions to maximizing the use of even the smallest space by building up - rather than digging down. The joints can be set at any angle to let you customize the design of your raised bed.Quick and easy assembly involves sliding the timber ends into the joints and fastening using the included hardware. The anchor joints are planted in the ground and stacking joints nest into them for added planting depth.Features Easy installation with just a screwdriver Maintenance-free. strong - rot-proof composite timbers stacking joints - and all hardware included Customizable pivoting joints let you easily adjust the beds design Choice of 1- or 2- timber thickness - standard lumber 2- = actual 1½- - Eco materials. Timbers - 60 percent recycled polypropylene -. Joints - 100 percent recycled resin - Dimensions. 4x8x6-24 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty Raised gardens are better than in-ground - for growing at home because. you control the quality of the soil and nutrients. You will also get a larger crop of easy to pick - veggies - fruit and flowers. They are easy to manage with access from all sides and because theyre above ground they drain better. No clumpy - heavy soil to turn and fewer backaches from less bending low down to weed. -uick and simple to assemble with just a screwdriver - electrical or battery operated preferred - and hammer they are all season weatherproof and durable. Gone are the tattered - rotting wood frames or hulking ugly railroad ties that overpower the aesthetics of your yard. With the simple assembly of Frame It All you wont waste hours measuring lumber - aligning seams and measuring angles.The -green- composite timbers - manufactured with 40 percent wood fiber and 60 percent recycled polyethylene never rot - splinter - become infested and contain no harmful chemicals.Click Here to view Assembly Instructions - PDF -

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