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4x8x22  Composite Raised Bed  2 Timbers  Frame It All

4x8x22 Composite Raised Bed 2 Timbers Frame It All

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The Frame It All Composite Raised Garden Kit 4ft. X 8ft. X 22 in. Rectangle - 2 inch thick boards - provides added soil depth for a bountiful crop of healthy vegetables and exceptional floral displays - simple to maintain and keep moist. Features Made from recycled plastic Provides a deeper topsoil layer for poor soil conditions Adjusts easily to a variety of heights - shapes and sizes improves drainage Soil estimated usage. 59.4 cu ft - 12.2 cu yards or 6000 lbs Click Here to view Assembly Instructions - PDF - mceItemMediaService_youtube.{-id-.-jbdddP6ZgMU- - -width-.440 - -height-.330} do not directly edit this HTML - it will be overwritten by the mediaservice plugin -mceItemMediaService

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