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4x8x5.5  Composite Raised Bed  2 Timbers  Frame It All

4x8x5.5 Composite Raised Bed 2 Timbers Frame It All

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The Frame It All Composite Raised Garden Kit 4ft. X 8ft. X 5.5 in. Rectangle - 2 inch thick boards - - can be used as a stand-alone raised garden bed or as a module to extend any Frame It All Raised Garden Bed System. Perfect for small-space gardening - our patented stacking joint allows installation on hard surfaces - such as rooftops - patios or decks - and traditional soft surface landscapes. With 32 square feet of available planting area - youll find many uses for this versatile kit. Features Eco-friendly timbers are made from recycled plastic and natural fibers. No toxic chemicals. Frame It Alls modular system allows endless design options. You can add on or reconfigure your raised garden bed at any time using existing or additional 2 inch Frame It All components and accessories. Low maintenance - timbers will not rot - warp - splinter or fade. Composite boards are made from 38 percent post-consumer recycled plastic and 62 percent sustainable hardwood fibers. Click Here to view Assembly Instructions - PDF - mceItemMediaService_youtube.{-id-.-jbdddP6ZgMU- - -width-.440 - -height-.330} do not directly edit this HTML - it will be overwritten by the mediaservice plugin -mceItemMediaService

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