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Big Bag Bed

Big Bag Bed

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Unfold this fabric raised bed - fill with soil - and youre ready to plant. Made from durable - double-layer - patented Grow Bag fabric - its a breeze to set up. The bed is 50- in diameter x 12- deep - large enough for any type of vegetable - including root crops. Skip tilling and hoeing garden soil by growing all your vegetables in Big Bag Beds. Or use them to easily expand your current garden. The fabric aerates soil - prevents heat build-up and allows excess water to drain away. Fold for storage - reuse year after year. A super-easy and super-affordable raised bed Over 4 in diameter. Deep enough for any crop BPA-free polypropylene 50- in diameter x 12- deep Holds 400 quarts - 13.7 cubic feet - of planting mix Made in USA

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