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Electric Garden Bed Tiller

Electric Garden Bed Tiller

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Electric Mini-Tiller Makes Fast Work of Loosening Soil Till garden beds without backbreaking labor Easy to start. no noxious fumes Lightweight - with handy transport wheels This handy tiller has plenty of power to loosen soil in gardens and raised beds - without the hassles of gas-powered models. The 8.5-amp motor starts with a flip of a switch - and there are no noxious fumes. Weighing in at just 17 pounds - its easy to maneuver - with wheels that flip down for easy transport. Tills a path 11- wide and up to 8-.50- deep. Also great for weeding between garden rows. Made by Earthwise - known for high-quality - eco-friendly tools. Aluminum - steel - plastic - vinyl 40- H Tiller has four 7-.50- diameter tines 8.5-amp electric motor 16-.50- power cord May be used with a 14-gauge extension cord up to 100 long Not intended for breaking sod for new beds

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