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Elevated Cedar Raised Bed  2 x 8

Elevated Cedar Raised Bed 2 x 8

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Easy-to-Tend Raised Garden is Handsome and Versatile Bring your garden up to a whole new level. Our 2 x 8 elevated raised bed is easy to plant - tend and harvest without kneeling or bending. Plus - it offers creative landscaping opportunities. Set up one or more of these rectangular elevated beds around the edge of your patio to add privacy - or arrange several along a perimeter to create a garden -room-. Like our other cedar raised beds - the sides are held in place with our sleek and sturdy aluminum corners. Theres a false floor made of cedar slats - set 10- down from the top so theres plenty of root space for vegetables and flowers. Excess water drains through slats. vents in the sides allow air to circulate and excess moisture to evaporate. Elevated bed is easy to plant - tend and harvest without bending An attractive landscape addition that adds privacy and defines garden areas Made from naturally rot-resistant cedar with rustproof aluminum corners Cedar with aluminum corners and imported fabric liner 24- W x 96- L x 29- H 2 x 8 Bed holds approx. 13 cubic feet - 329 dry quarts - of container mix Includes free planting guide

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