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Grow Bed Extensions

Grow Bed Extensions

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Get Even More Out of your Grow Bed with Grow Bed Extension KitWe offer 3 extension kits for our Grow Beds and Mini Grow Bed. They are perfect if you want to expand your grow bed garden - and they are more affordable than purchasing an additional bed while still giving double the growing space. Extensions snap onto the end of the existing grow bed and are fastened with connecting panels.Features Double the growing space of your grow bed - purchase additional extension kits to make your bed as long as you want. - Perfect for small-space patio or kitchen gardens Plastic black sides absorb heat to warm soil in the spring - then help retain moisture all summer Choice of two sizes to fit the Grow Bedor Mini Grow Bed - the same extension is used for the 3x3 or 3x6 Grow Beds - A Grow Bed is the most efficient garden youll ever plant - and now you can extend your Grow Bed Garden. These two-sided extension kits DOUBLE the growing space of our popular grow beds by easily creating a raised bed that is the same width but twice the length. Other Details - Earth-friendly - 100 percent recycled plastic - Each kit contains 2 sides and a hardware pack - Grow Bed Extension Kit is 38-.75- L x 38-.75- W x 10- H - Mini Grow Bed Extension Kit is 38-.75- L x 20-.75- W x 10- H - Easy assembly. requires a drill

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