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Grow Beds

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Decoractive Grow Beds Generate Big Harvests and Big Value and Are Easy to InstallA Grow Bed is the most economical square yard of garden youll ever tend. No weeding or digging - just lots of delicious and homegrown food. The recycled black plastic siding of this Raised Garden Bed absorbs heats to warm soil early in the season - and retain moisture all summer long. The 3 x 6 foot Grow Bed allows for twice as much growing space - while the Mini Bed works well for narrow areas along a foundation or walkway. This convenient raised bed is perfect for cultivating the most robust flower and vegetable gardens. Space-intensive gardening is efficient-producing large yields from a small space Raised Beds are ideal for small-space kitchen or patio gardens Beds extend grow season and reduce weed and pest problems Available in 3 sizes Optional 3 long extension for added growing space - $39.95 -. shop for extension kit here All sizes are easily assembled and feature a generous 10- planting depth We also sell grow bed liners for containing your soil. Liners are essential for beds set on pavement or hard-top surfaces - but also work great at keeping nutrients in and weeds out of any raised bed. Shop for grow bed liners here. Other Details - Earth-friendly - 100 percent recycled plastic - All sizes are 10- H - 18- x 3 bed holds 115 quarts - 4-.50 cubic feet - of soil - 3 x 3 bed holds 231 quarts - 9 cubic feet - of soil - 3 x 6 bed holds 462 quarts - 18 cubic feet - of soil - Assembly required.

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