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Raised Bed Corners  6H35H

Raised Bed Corners 6H35H

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Best Raised Bed Corner Brackets on the MarketAny gardener will tell you that the hardest part of building your own raised bed is constructing solid corners. These ingenious Raised Bed Corners are durable aluminum brackets that dont only reduce building time - but they also guarantee trim corners for an attractive and sturdy raised bed. Each unit comes as a set of 2 corners - so a typical raised bed would require 2 units-sets - which is 4 corners -. These reliable elevated raised bed corner brackets are perhaps the best friend of any DIY raised bed project.Details. Powder-coated aluminum with plastic caps to keep out water Lifetime guarantee theyll hold their shape and never break Choice of 6 heights. 6- - 8- - 10- - 12- - 15- 23- and 35- Sized to fit standard cut 2 x milled lumber - up to 1 5-8- actual timber thickness - Includes Phillips screws hardware Stackable - see our Stacking Stakes - Hand made Vermont Set of 2 corners - order 2 sets for a typical 4-sided bed -Click Here For Instructions - PDF - mceItemMediaService_youtube.{-id-.-EcVHVISC7nI- - -width-.440 - -height-.330} do not directly edit this HTML - it will be overwritten by the mediaservice plugin -mceItemMediaService

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