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Raised Bed Watering Corners Set

Raised Bed Watering Corners Set

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AquaCorner is the easy way to build a Self-Watering Raised Garden Bed A consistent supply of water is crucial for a healthy and productive garden The AquaCorners internal plumbing brings the water right to the bed The internal soaker hose waters plants slowly and deeply - so minimal moisture is lost VIDEO. See how the Aquacorner works. Features Includes one AquaCorner - three regular Raised Bed Corners The innovative Aquacorner features internal plumbing and a spigot Just slide any standard milled lumber into the corners and secure with provided screws. Choice of four heights. 6- - 8- - 10- and 12-. - Note. To retrofit an existing bed - use our Aquacorner Soaker System. - Hand Crafted in Vermont With our new AquaCorner System you can quickly and easily create a self-watering garden bed that makes it so convenient to keep plants properly hydrated. The key is the innovative AquaCorner - featuring internal plumbing and a spigot for easy control of water flow. After planting the bed - simply attach your garden hose to the brass fitting at base of the Aquacorner. Youre now ready to water-no more setting up sprinklers or standing around with a hose.Other Details -Powder-coated aluminum with plastic cap - brass fittings and attached spigot - Raised Bed Corners are made of powder-coated aluminum with plastic cap - Four heights. 6- - 8- - 10- and 12- - designed to fit standard milled lumber - Philips screws included

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