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Raspberry Garden Raised Bed Kit

Raspberry Garden Raised Bed Kit

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Cedar Raspberry Raised Bed Has a Built-In Support System for Big Berry Harvests Have you ever wondered why raspberries are so expensive at the supermarket? Not because they are difficult to grow-quite the opposite in fact. They are expensive because of their short shelf-life. Thats why the absolute most delicious raspberries are the ones you grow yourself - and pick at the peak of ripeness. Once your plants are established youll be harvesting pounds of fresh raspberries. This durable raised bed will fit five mature raspberry plants Made from attractive - rot-resistant cedar and rustproof - aluminum corners 8L x 2W x 7 .25H Strong integrated support system to sprawling raspberry plants neatly contained and growing upright Other Details. Support is made from monofilament line with tensioners Holds 9 cubic feet of soil - Easy assembly Click Here For Assembly Instructions - PDF -

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