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Stackable Raised Bed Corner Joints For 2 Thick Boards  2 pk

Stackable Raised Bed Corner Joints For 2 Thick Boards 2 pk

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Stackable Pivoting Raised Bed Corners Make You the Architect Less heavy duty than our aluminum corners but more versatile - these stackable pivoting corner Joints allow for unlimited garden-design possibilities. Create anything from multi-level pentagon raised beds to custom landscaping edging. Made for use with 2x6 lumber - 1½- x 5½- actual measurement -. Set of two - 4 brackets - 2 stacking stakes - 2 caps - Hinges form any angle from 60 to 180 degrees Stake-in-Stake Design lets you easily stack Corner Joints Made from strong ABS plastic - 100 percent recycled material - Use singly for 5-.50- high beds or edging or stack them for taller beds. Fastening hardware included Click Here for Instructions - PDF -

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