My SFG Images

Raised Garden Beds

My initial garden

My Vegetable GardenAs you can see by the picture, I made the frame but without the grid I accomplished nothing. The garden remains this way for now.

My first test SFG box

Squarefott Garden Test BoxMade strictly from scraps I had around the house. 2" x 2" pieces were used to form 2 corners. Angle brackets were used on the other two corners.

I'm thinking I like the 2 x 2's and leaving them long allows me to add a second row of boards for a deeper bed. Jute twine stapled to the boards makes a decent grid for now.

This is right after planting

Squarefoot Garden with plantsCucmber is in the top right corner, then 3 eggplant. The ones that look empty on the outside are the marigolds and the empty ones in the middle are the bush beans. Three pepper plants run up the left side and the tomatoes are scattered in the middle rows. These are very tiny transplants so I'm not sure how they'll do. If they don't improve I'll replace them by direct sowing seeds and see what happens.


I'll continue adding pictures and updating the information as the season prgresses.

Square Foot GardenAs you can see this picture is from mid June. It's now August and I have not taken any more pictures. All in all I am considering this a success. The marigolds are still blooming but I've removed all the vegetables. I harvested beans several times but only got 1 cucumber and 1 small tomato. The eggplant and papers never produced anything. In fact the eggplant and peppers barely reache 1 foot tall.

I don't believe it was the method of growing. It was more than likely the stunted transplants I used. The beans and marigolds were both direct sown.

Next year I'll be adding several SFG gardens to my vegetable garden. I believe I'll have a better chance if I get things going on time. The boxes will be placed where my existing garden is so even below the box will be very good soil.

The soil I'll use inside each SFG box will be a combination of good garden soil, peat moss, and compost. I'm still not ready to put out the extra money for the vermiculite. Maybe I'll get on bag and put a little in each garden.

Now I've got to layout my plans for where to plant each vegetable and get busy building the boxes. I'll most likely start with 5 gardens so I can do some good succesive plantings and extend my growing season. I'm also trying not to plant where I get too much of anything at one time.


Based on my success this year, even though it was limited, I do believe if you are tight on space but still want to grow a good variety of vegetables, SFG is the way to go.

It's now May 26, 2014 and there have been a lot of changes in my garden. Although I do have plenty of space I've converted what used to be two 4ft rows into several SFG garden boxes. Follow my latest updates here.

Tomatoes and EggplantThis is one of my current SFG boxes. There are 4 Celebrity Tomato plants around the trellis. 4 Bell Peppers are next to the tomatoes and 3 Eggplant in front of the tomatoes. Marigolds have been planted in the empty spaces.

Flea beetles have been having a feast on my eggplant.

snow peasI took this today (5/26/14). You can see the beans, spinach and even some carrots in the front. The snow peas are on the trellis in the back.

Before leaving the garden I picked a few beans and peas and cut some spinach.

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