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Tree Removal, March 2, 2015

Tree Removal Over the years, since I owned my first house in New Jersey, I've handled my own tree removel when necessary or desired.

One time in the past I had to call in a contractor as things went horribly wrong. Being a Sunday afternoon I paid the price and learned a lesson. I know when to draw the line.

At my current home I have taken down at least 100 trees of various sizes. Fortunately all went fairly well with most of them. Of course there were only a small number of very large pines that I did on my own. Others were mostly oaks that were not overly large.

This year I decided it was time to take out the huge pine tree near the corner of my pool. With the size and location it was obvious I would not be able to do this on my own.

This morning the local tree service, Arborworks Tree Company, LLC, came in as scheduled to handle this project for me. The tree was estimated to be 80 to 85 feet tall. It was located at the end of a fairly narrow path of my property between my pool and my neighbor's yard. The neighbor was kind enough to allow the Arborworks crew to use his driveway to gain access.

Tree RemovalUtilizing a bucket truck, lots of rope and other equipment, the branches of the tree were surgically removed one by one.  Each branch was lowered by rope and then ground up in the large shredder. The process insured no damage to any surrounding landscaping or structures and kept the clean up simple.

The wood chips were dumped on the other side of my driveway for use around the yard, garden and compost. I was surprised the the large chipper created fairly small chips. In past experiences the chips were much larger and a lot were long strands. Without my small chip screen for my wood chipper I doubt I can chip them any smaller.

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Thanks to: Arborworks Tree Company, LLC

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