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Absolute II Bird Feeder

Absolute II Bird Feeder

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For decades - this has been our most popular squirrel-resistant feeder. - All steel with pole and hanger - Excludes squirrels and large birds - Two sided feeding Our rugged - all-metal squirrel-resistant feeder has two spring-activated perches. When a squirrel or large bird steps on - a metal shield immediately drops down - shutting off the seed supply. Three weight settings allow you to adjust the perch to allow different sized birds. Comes with a chart so you know which settings to use for which birds. The roof lifts for easy filling and locks down tight. Two-sided dining lets you see lots of birds at one time. Holds 8 pounds of seed. Comes with a steel hanging rod - 5-foot sectional pole and ground socket. 11 x 14 x 9 inches. Includes a Five-year Manufacturers Guarantee.

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