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Aster Hummingbird Feeder

Aster Hummingbird Feeder

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Enjoy no-spill refills with this top-fill feeder.You want an easy to refill hummingbird feeder - and this is it. This well-designed nectar feeder makes excellent use of a vacuum seal - which is activated when you push down or pull up on the nectar reservoir. Doing so closes off the feeding ports to prevent nectar from spilling and opens up the ports to feed your hungry hummingbirds. You can refill your hummingbird feeder and hang outdoors from a tree branch or hanging bracket - all without spilling a drop. 5 x 8 inches. 20 oz. capacity with 4 feeding stations Watch tiny hummingbirds rest while they feed Bee-resistant feeding ports with no-leak vacuum seal Remove cap and fill from top for easy refills

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