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Bird-Safe‚ Butterfly Window Strike Decals

Bird-Safe‚ Butterfly Window Strike Decals

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Prevent bird deaths. Millions of birds die each year from window strikes. Our life-saving decals let birds -see- your windows and they help protect birds from deadly collisions. Birds crash into windows because they see a reflection of clouds - sky and trees ‚ they think they re flying into open air. Our UV coated decals break up the scene by reflecting ultraviolet light ‚ light that ‚ visible to birds - but not to us. Birds see the decals as a solid blue image on the window and realize they can ‚ fly through it - while the decals appear transparent to us. For best results - put a decal - or a group of decals - on every three square feet of your outside glass surface. Set of 6 static-cling Butterfly Decals - each 4-.50 inches wide.

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