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Birdkeepers Bird House

Birdkeepers Bird House

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Encourage birds to build nests nearby.Chickadees - titmice and other small songbirds can easily fit through the opening at the top of the front panel - while predators find it difficult to reach inside. Deter larger birds - while protecting the nestlings with a comfortable 3-.50 x 4-.25 inch flooring. Grooved perches on both sides of the front panel help baby birds fledge. Eastern white pine provides a beautiful weathered finish with a durable green recycled plastic roof. Mount against any flat surface. 5 x 6-.50 x 12-1-8 inches. 1-.50 inch entry hole and 6-.50 inch deep cavity Encourage beautiful songbirds to nest in your yard Overhanging roof and recessed entrance protect birds from predators Loosen eye hook and pull down front panel for easy cleaning Made in the USA

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