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BirdsChoice Butterfly Feeder

BirdsChoice Butterfly Feeder

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Attract butterflies to brighten your day.You can help your bird-friendly backyard thrive by attracting butterflies. Butterflies are important because they cross-fertilize the flowers needed to make the fruit your birds eat. This fun butterfly feeder features several fruit trays with a nectar basin and dozens of mini nectar feeding ports - perfect for watching many butterflies feed on nectar at once. Hang or pole-mount this butterfly feeder in your garden pole sold separately. This two-piece feeder is made from high-impact yellow and clear plastic for greater durability. 8-.50 x 7-.75 inches. 12 oz. capacity with 3 feeding trays Attract butterflies with this easy to use fruit feeder Features bee-proof feeding ports with built-in ant moat Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

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