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Bluebird House Supreme

Bluebird House Supreme

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Discover this durable shelter for your bluebirds.This sturdy birdhouse offers your bluebirds a spacious nesting area - safe from predators and cold - wet weather. Features ventilation to prevent your nestlings from overheating and drainage to ensure a warm - dry nest for healthy fledglings. Includes hardware for mounting against any flat surface with grooves under the entry hole to help your nestlings fledge. Suitable for Mountain Bluebirds because of the 6 x 6-3-8 inch flooring. Made from gray and blue recycled plastic for a durable bluebird house you can use season after season. 7 x 7-.75 x 12-.25 inches. 1-.50 inch entry hole with predator guard Attract nesting bluebirds and protect your nestlings Features spacious flooring for strong - flight-ready fledglings Lift up the front panel for easy cleaning Made in the USA

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