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Bluebird and Tree Swallow House

Bluebird and Tree Swallow House

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Now you can enjoy fewer mosquitoes in your backyard.Attract friendly - insect-eating bluebirds and Tree Swallows. This birdhouse features an expertly crafted slotted entrance to keep out invasive species and protect your nestlings until they fledge. The ventilation prevents your nestlings from overheating - even if it ‚ hot out. Easy to install against any flat surface with the mounting hardware. Made from Eastern white pine - which weathers beautifully to blend in with your backyard landscape. 7-.25 x 7 x 9-7-8 inches. 5-.50 x 1-1-8 inch slotted entry hole deters invasive species Attract bluebirds or Tree Swallows to eat your insects Features slotted entrance to protect nestlings from House Sparrows Easy cleanout access through the front panel Made in the USA

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