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Duncraft Cardinal Bird House

Duncraft Cardinal Bird House

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Provide a better nesting area for your cardinals.Watch your cardinals warm up to this covered roost. Since cardinals won ‚ nest in a birdhouse - you can provide the perfect private getaway with this expertly crafted nesting shelf. The kind of quiet - sheltered nesting cavity cardinals prefer. The peaked roof diverts rain away from the nest - so your nestlings stay warm - dry and healthy for a successful brood. Mount under the eaves of your house or shed - or place two to fifteen feet high in a thicket for predator protection. Made from Eastern white pine. 7-.50 x 9-.50 x 11-.50 inches. Perfect for sheltering one cardinal ‚ nest Attract nesting cardinals with this open roosting shelf The raised safety ledge prevents baby birds from falling out Easy to install with included hardware Made in the USA

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