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Duncraft Eastern Bluebird House

Duncraft Eastern Bluebird House

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Now it ‚ your turn to attract nesting bluebirds.Watch bluebirds start building a nest in this house. Endorsed by the North American Bluebird Society - this expertly crafted birdhouse features 1-.50 inch thick predator-proof extension. Expertly designed for Eastern Bluebirds with built-in ventilation and drainage. Includes pre-drilled holes with hardware for mounting against any flat surface. Made from .75 inch thick Eastern white pine to protect your baby birds from cold - fluctuating temperatures. 6 x 8 x 13 inches. 1-.50 inch entry hole with predator guard Have fun watching bluebirds nest in your backyard Raised wire grid flooring protects bluebirds from blowfly larvae Loosen the front panel for easy cleaning Made in the USA

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