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Duncraft Eco-Songbird House

Duncraft Eco-Songbird House

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A nice little house for baby birds of all kinds.Feel the joy of watching a bird family in your backyard because this birdhouse is perfectly sized for attracting chickadees - nuthatches and titmice. Provide your birds with a well-protected hideaway by placing this house in a grouping of shrubbery. Includes metal hanging loop - along with ventilation and drainage for healthy nestlings. Made from everlasting brown recycled plastic to blend in with the natural habitat for additional predator protection. 4 x 4 x 7 inches. 1-1-8 inch entry hole with predator guard Attract different nesting songbirds to your backyard Squirrel lock secures roof shut to keep predators out Lift up the locking roof for easy cleaning Made in the USA

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