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Eco-Friendly Bluebird House

Eco-Friendly Bluebird House

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The key to happy - healthy bluebirds.When your bluebirds move in...it feels like magic. Expertly crafted bluebird house with built-in predator guard and raised wire mesh flooring to protect your nestlings. Features 5 x 5-.50 inch flooring to produce a successful brood of healthy - flight-ready fledglings with ventilation and drainage for a dry nesting area. Includes pre-drilled holes with mounting hardware for easy installation against any flat surface. Made from everlasting brown and green recycled plastic with built-in grooves to help your bluebird nestlings fledge. 6 x 7-.50 x 12-.25 inches. 1-.50 inch entry hole with predator guard Enjoy watching all of your baby bluebirds fledge Raised wire mesh flooring protects against blowfly larvae Lift the front panel for easy cleaning Made in the USA

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