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Eco-Strong Bluebird Feeder

Eco-Strong Bluebird Feeder

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Lure bluebirds with a feeder just for them. Bluebirds enter through side entry holes where they feed safely away from predators. In the spring - welcome the rest of the family by removing the upper half of each clear plastic side panel to allow easier access for young birds. Internal perching helps fledglings learn to use the two 1-.50 inch side entry holes. Features include a hinged roof that lifts for fast refills and side panels that remove for easy cleaning. Its crafted with a plastic wood - which makes it impervious to cracking - warping or chipping and is great for the environment. Handcrafted by Duncraft with wooden sides - acrylic front panels and a flip-top roof made with beautiful - blue recycled plastic. The base is also non-porous - recycled plastic which makes for easy cleaning. Serve mealworms - nuggets - or even fruit. The dimensions are 10 x 7 x 9-.50 inches tall. Made in the USA.

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