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Extreme Ventilated Bird House

Extreme Ventilated Bird House

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Overheating can stress baby birds. Yes - baby birds can get too hot. Out in the open - bird houses are exposed to scorching sun and intense interior temperatures ‚ especially if you live in the dry states or have sweltering summers. Now you can give your bluebirds and other birds a house that ‚ 10 percent cooler for the hottest days of the year. Duncraft ‚ heat-shield bluebird house has unique air-flow technology that lets more air circulate in the house. The extra-wide roof acts like a cooling awning over the entry holes and offers front and side ventilation. The roof ‚ steep angle creates greater top-shelter ventilation. Inside - a wire-mesh grid covers the top of the house - barring predators from entering through the ventilation openings. Front swings up for easy cleaning and locks closed. 1 .50 inch entry hole. House is 5 x 6-.50 x 10-.50 inches tall. Roof is 7 x 7-.50 inches wide. Made in the USA.

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