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Frolic Stacked Birds Birdhouse

Frolic Stacked Birds Birdhouse

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Feel the joy of watching birds nest nearby.Instantly brighten up your backyard with the magic of birds. Offer your birds a dry place to build their nest - away from the prying paws of predators. Features vibrant and joyful - full color illustrations by Lynn Morris on all four sides. Says - ‚ Tweet tweet tweet ‚ .5 to accent the pairings of colorful birds. Includes metal predator guard - fledgling ladder - ventilation and drainage with an eye hook for hanging. All-weather PVC and black recycled plastic birdhouse lasts for years. 7-.25 x 7 x 12-.75 inches. 1-.50 inch entry hole with predator guard Discover the joy of birds nesting in your backyard Durable laminated birdhouse resists fading in direct sunlight Remove roof for easy cleanout between broods Made in the USA

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